DC came to me on November 1, 2018. Turning 40 supposedly brought a lot of back pain. He enjoys training in bodybuilding, Brazilian jujitsu and he likes to play golf. He feels that his right hip is very stiff. He also suffers from his knees. As of December 10, he already has a lot less back pain. He feels that his feet support him better and his knees are almost perfect. On January 15, 2019, he started training again so he felt better. His back is getting better and better.

BODY WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: 71% of the weight on the forefoot to 53% from December 10, 2018 to January 15, 2019 (6 weeks)


TMC arrives at the office on April 11 with muscle stiffness in the forearms and neck. In general, he feels stiff. Until now, he had been suggested stretching without much results. He tells me, roughly speaking, to have consulted almost all the specialists for his discomforts. More specifically, it is actually all his right side that suffers more. Whether at the neck, shoulder, IT band, knee … Everything is on the right!

As a matter of fact, its imbalances in the frontal plane were on the right, as much at the level of the scapular belt as of the pelvic girdle.

In 6 weeks (30-06-18), the pain in the upper limbs had decreased and he was gaining mobility in the neck. It is also better when it is in static mode, for example, in front of the computer.

As of 20-06-18, he resumes the martial arts twice a week, which he could not do before.

As of 8-08-18, it’s four times a week for martial arts and its symptoms continue to decline.

As of 20-08-18, he registered for a competition on September 1st. He can now train for her up to 8 times a week and everything is going well!

Here ara the numbers:

BODY WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: 57/43% versus 52/48% before rear in 7 months.


DF came to my office in early July 2018. He had physical symptoms to the point where he could no longer train. He felt like he was not doing well. Also, he was no longer able to run. It must be specified here that the young man is only 27 years old. He notices that he has never “run” well but that, recently, it is simply impossible.

In addition, he feels electric shock on the left and a sensation of emptiness on the right, at the level of the groin.

At the cognitive level, even though he was diagnosed with ADD, he never used drugs.

Six weeks later, he noticed that he had been more attentive during a three-hour training program. Also, low back and shoulder symptoms are fading away. He goes back to training four times a week! He is also running short distances (2km) now and it’s going well!

Six weeks later, he reports that the activation of his glutes is 50% better. Where there were knee symptoms on the stairs, it is now ancient history.

Six weeks later, he runs 8km and it has been good!

Posturology and motor skills, it is not magic except that, when done well, it gives increasing results!

Weight distribution:

August 1, 2018: 60% on the forefoot and 40% on the back foot
October 30, 2018: 53% on the forefoot and 47% on the back foot


SML is a 32-year-old nurse who has been suffering from pain in the right shoulder region since her first delivery in 2012. At worst, when she tries to pull her shoulders backwards, it can take her breath away. Her right side, as a whole, is more sensitive, even vulnerable. While pregnant, she had had a hernia in her right groin. She also suffers from fairly frequent headaches that she associates with eyes that tire quickly.

In 6 weeks, the pain in the shoulder blade decreases. She feels that she can breathe better and that her amplitude at this level is better. 6 weeks later, the pain on the right side begins to decrease.

Can these results be related to postural and equilibrium gains?

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: 60% of the weight on the forefoot to 45% of the weight in 6 weeks as well as 52/48% L / R to 50/50% in the same period.
BALANCE: 18 to 14 in 6 weeks – an improvement of 22%.


ML is a genius. In actuality, he’s a genius for Apple! He came to me on March 27 with a pain that made him say that his sciatic nerve was stuck. It hurt him during the day and when he was going back to bed at night. Also, the left side of his neck tires him. We then work on its coordination, proprioception and balance. As of June 26, he no longer feels discomfort in the lower limb. Also, at this point, discomfort in the neck is no longer.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: from 67% of the body weight on the forefoot to 59% in 6 weeks.


CL, retired, arrived at the office in late July 2017. As of September, the pain in her hip was less intense. The duration of the pain a day was less, too. By December, she was now able to do pilate exercises that were not possible before.

In addition, according to the iheart software (goiheart.com), CL’s internal age increased from 65 to 52 in 2 months.

Internal age: 65 to 52 years in 2 months.


MLM came to the office in June 2017. She has low back pain and has had orthotics for about 9-10 years. She also says to have a light and short sleep. Another stakes were his headaches. After six weeks of intervention, she already felt more stable and more on the heels. She is now sleeping more deeply and has not had a headache when she normally has two a week. As of October, her right foot was hurting her. Since the beginning of the process, his balance is constantly improving. Coincidence?

BALANCE: from 16 on September 5, 2017 to 13 on February 26, 2018.


SC began he posturology process on September 26th, 2017. She would complain of neck, hip, shoulder and knee pain for a long time. We worked on her postural system, improving her proprioception and her coordination. All of her issues have improved since. More recently, she does not find her hip is as painful, even towards the end of the night. She has also made some significant systemic gains, all the while.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: from 72% of the weight on her forefeet to 67% in 6 weeks.

Internal age (according to iheart): from 67 to 54 in 12 weeks.

#PROOF OF THE WEEK – Can Posturology make you #younger?


It was in October of 2016 that we started the Posturology process with EF. In the first six weeks, her low back, neck and shoulder had improved. A little bit later, even considering a fall in her stairs at home, her low back further improved. In March, she mentions to me that her headaches are a lot less frequent than they used to be. As of January of 2018, after coming back from a trip where she water-skied, she was impressed that she did not fall once. As a matter of fact, on of her metrics that has improved is her balance.

BALANCE: from 22 to 19 in 6 weeks.

INTERNAL AGE (according to iheart): from 36 to 31years old in 6 weeks. She is 54 years old.


We started the Posturology process with DB in July 2017. It had been more than 5 years that he was suffering from physical pain on his entire right side. He would also report bouts of pain from being still. One of his impressions was: it feels like my body is rotated. As of September, he feels that his body is starting to relax and that his back is releasing. In December, he mentions that he actually feels happier! One thing is for sure he is more balanced.


BALANCE: from 21 to 16 in 6 weeks.



VM is a young university student that enjoys running yet needs to spend a lot of hours at a desk, studying. When she used to run, she would have to wear a brace for her right knee and still, she would have a lot of pain and could not run for very long. Most recently, she can now run for a full 30 minutes pain free. That simply was not possible when we got started.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: from 70% of her bodyweight on her forefeet to 52% in 6 weeks.


DT came to my office in May complaining of low back pain and a tension in his left psoas muscle that would nag him in his sports. His left shoulder was also an issue as he would not be able to perform chin-ups properly. All of these issues are more or less resolved by now. In the last 6 weeks, we have been gaining even more balance!

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: from 61% of his bodyweight on his forefeet to 56% in 6 weeks.


MFV came to my office in February of 2017. She had been suffering from low back pain for 20 years and, when pain would be at its worse, she would have to stay in bed. As the year in Posturology went on, we progressively got rid of these issues. One has to know that, this took place as we gained balance, progressively and even more importantly, continuously. More recently, her left calf was stiff, in the context of activities of daily living as well as with sports. That stiffness has dissipated in the last 6 weeks.

BALANCE: from 24 to 21 in 6 weeks.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: from 58% of the weight on her forefeet to 54% and from 53% (R) and 47 (L) to 50%-50% in 6 weeks.