SML is a 32-year-old nurse who has been suffering from pain in the right shoulder region since her first delivery in 2012. At worst, when she tries to pull her shoulders backwards, it can take her breath away. Her right side, as a whole, is more sensitive, even vulnerable. While pregnant, she had had a hernia in her right groin. She also suffers from fairly frequent headaches that she associates with eyes that tire quickly.

In 6 weeks, the pain in the shoulder blade decreases. She feels that she can breathe better and that her amplitude at this level is better. 6 weeks later, the pain on the right side begins to decrease.

Can these results be related to postural and equilibrium gains?

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: 60% of the weight on the forefoot to 45% of the weight in 6 weeks as well as 52/48% L / R to 50/50% in the same period.
BALANCE: 18 to 14 in 6 weeks – an improvement of 22%.