You’ve got the beat?

Is it important if you want to impress your significant other on the dance floor? Absolutely. Could it be relevant in other instances? Based on recent research, it sure seems like it! Read more

Motor competencies for life?

Some consider that motor control leads to the development of intelligence, in a broad way. Piaget was one of these individuals. Read more

To squat to live

It’s obvious that we cannot predict lifespan. That being said, it doesn’t stop researchers form looking into the issue and spot some markers.

A Brazilian doctor developed a specific test that stipulates that, if you flunk the test, your risk of dying in the next five years could increase by five versus if you are able to actually complete the test.  Read more

The cerebellum: why?

If the cerebral cortex is the brain region that best differentiates us from other species, the cerebellum is the part that is found behind the brain and it is responsible for many important functions: 

– Coordination of movement: the cerebellum coordinates muscular activity so that the body can move fluidly.
– Balance: it receives data from the inner ear, which allows the cerebellum to contribute to keeping you upright. 
– Vision: the cerebellum allows for coordination of ocular movements.
– Motor learning: the cerebellum helps in learning tasks such as riding a bike.
– Language and humor: we don’t know how precisely the cerebellum is involved her but we do know it is. 
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