#PROOF OF THE WEEK – Can Posturology make you #younger?


It was in October of 2016 that we started the Posturology process with EF. In the first six weeks, her low back, neck and shoulder had improved. A little bit later, even considering a fall in her stairs at home, her low back further improved. In March, she mentions to me that her headaches are a lot less frequent than they used to be. As of January of 2018, after coming back from a trip where she water-skied, she was impressed that she did not fall once. As a matter of fact, on of her metrics that has improved is her balance.

BALANCE: from 22 to 19 in 6 weeks.

INTERNAL AGE (according to iheart): from 36 to 31years old in 6 weeks. She is 54 years old.


We started the Posturology process with DB in July 2017. It had been more than 5 years that he was suffering from physical pain on his entire right side. He would also report bouts of pain from being still. One of his impressions was: it feels like my body is rotated. As of September, he feels that his body is starting to relax and that his back is releasing. In December, he mentions that he actually feels happier! One thing is for sure he is more balanced.


BALANCE: from 21 to 16 in 6 weeks.