DF came to my office in early July 2018. He had physical symptoms to the point where he could no longer train. He felt like he was not doing well. Also, he was no longer able to run. It must be specified here that the young man is only 27 years old. He notices that he has never “run” well but that, recently, it is simply impossible.

In addition, he feels electric shock on the left and a sensation of emptiness on the right, at the level of the groin.

At the cognitive level, even though he was diagnosed with ADD, he never used drugs.

Six weeks later, he noticed that he had been more attentive during a three-hour training program. Also, low back and shoulder symptoms are fading away. He goes back to training four times a week! He is also running short distances (2km) now and it’s going well!

Six weeks later, he reports that the activation of his glutes is 50% better. Where there were knee symptoms on the stairs, it is now ancient history.

Six weeks later, he runs 8km and it has been good!

Posturology and motor skills, it is not magic except that, when done well, it gives increasing results!

Weight distribution:

August 1, 2018: 60% on the forefoot and 40% on the back foot
October 30, 2018: 53% on the forefoot and 47% on the back foot