VM is a young university student that enjoys running yet needs to spend a lot of hours at a desk, studying. When she used to run, she would have to wear a brace for her right knee and still, she would have a lot of pain and could not run for very long. Most recently, she can now run for a full 30 minutes pain free. That simply was not possible when we got started.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: from 70% of her bodyweight on her forefeet to 52% in 6 weeks.


DT came to my office in May complaining of low back pain and a tension in his left psoas muscle that would nag him in his sports. His left shoulder was also an issue as he would not be able to perform chin-ups properly. All of these issues are more or less resolved by now. In the last 6 weeks, we have been gaining even more balance!

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: from 61% of his bodyweight on his forefeet to 56% in 6 weeks.


MFV came to my office in February of 2017. She had been suffering from low back pain for 20 years and, when pain would be at its worse, she would have to stay in bed. As the year in Posturology went on, we progressively got rid of these issues. One has to know that, this took place as we gained balance, progressively and even more importantly, continuously. More recently, her left calf was stiff, in the context of activities of daily living as well as with sports. That stiffness has dissipated in the last 6 weeks.

BALANCE: from 24 to 21 in 6 weeks.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: from 58% of the weight on her forefeet to 54% and from 53% (R) and 47 (L) to 50%-50% in 6 weeks.