TMC arrives at the office on April 11 with muscle stiffness in the forearms and neck. In general, he feels stiff. Until now, he had been suggested stretching without much results. He tells me, roughly speaking, to have consulted almost all the specialists for his discomforts. More specifically, it is actually all his right side that suffers more. Whether at the neck, shoulder, IT band, knee … Everything is on the right!

As a matter of fact, its imbalances in the frontal plane were on the right, as much at the level of the scapular belt as of the pelvic girdle.

In 6 weeks (30-06-18), the pain in the upper limbs had decreased and he was gaining mobility in the neck. It is also better when it is in static mode, for example, in front of the computer.

As of 20-06-18, he resumes the martial arts twice a week, which he could not do before.

As of 8-08-18, it’s four times a week for martial arts and its symptoms continue to decline.

As of 20-08-18, he registered for a competition on September 1st. He can now train for her up to 8 times a week and everything is going well!

Here ara the numbers:

BODY WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: 57/43% versus 52/48% before rear in 7 months.