Biomechanics versus pain science: a review of the Greg Lehman course

Just this weekend, I was fortunate to attend quite a popular course held by Greg Lehman. Reconciling Biomechanics with pain science is Greg’s attempt to paint somewhat of a clearer picture as to how can we do the best we can with our clients when it comes to utilizing the very latest in research relating to pain and musculo-skeletal health. Read more

Low back pain – new perspectives

In the USA, low back pain is the second most common cause of disability and the most popular treatments are actually known to be unhelpful for most people. Read more

Isometrics for performance

It can be quite a challenge to decrease pain at the level of the patellar tendon. Eccentric exercises have been proposed yet they can be painful. Read more

Pain and posture

If you sit back and read most of what is coming out of the literature, it seems that there is no link between posture and pain. Then again, some (1) have demonstrated that there is at least a correlation between pain and posture. These same authors were also able to show a correlation between a postural asymmetry and medication consumption as well as the necessity to stop daily activities. Read more