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Of Balance and Chronic Pain

It’s now been a few years that I have been advocating for improving balance in subjects that suffer from chronic pain. Neurologically and mechanically speaking, there are a multitude of reasons why this makes sense.

The origin of movement

For years now, posturologists and functional neurologists have been speaking of just how early movement literacy actually develops. In creating awareness for this fact, they emphasize that optimal rehabilitation or performance-enhancing programs take into account the movement patterns that are learned early on in life.

Writing and humanity

Writing has shaped humanity. Only, writing is endangered. What can be the consequences? A report recently published in sympa-sympa.com states important skills that may be lost if you give up writing.

Top of the top: it’s in your eyes!

How is it that top athletes achieve top performances? Psychologists and neuroscientists are speaking of a phenomenon called the “quiet eye”. The “quiet eye” would be a kind of enhanced visual perception that allows the athlete to eliminate any distractions as they plan their next move.