Writing and humanity

Writing has shaped humanity. Only, writing is endangered. What can be the consequences? A report recently published in sympa-sympa.com states important skills that may be lost if you give up writing.

1) Writing, motor skills and coordination

Handwriting activates specific brain areas, among which is the ​​Broca area, responsible, roughly, for language. Scientists have concluded that the ability to write quickly makes reading easier, and vice versa!

2) Writing and comprehension of text

Reading hand-written characters activates the brain more than reading printed characters. In this respect, we can think that a cerebral laziness settles by only reading well-defined characters.

3) Writing and spelling

Today’s technological means allow us to write a little bit anyhow, and in doing so, our mistakes are corrected. This reality may be thought to have an impact on the development of human intelligence.

4) Writing and self-expression

Writing on a keyboard allows fairly easy modifications in all directions while writing is the highest form of abstract thinking. One must think of the whole sentence when one writes by hand. To do this, one must think more broadly and abstractly.

5) Writing and memory

Studies confirm that a handwritten text is best remembered. The reason is simple: by writing by hand, basic thoughts are expressed and the main points are highlighted during the writing process.



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