Walking as therapy?

Think quickly! What could be an outstanding way to diminish negative emotions such as anxiety and sadness as well as daily stresses?

How about walking?

We all know that walking is good for the body. Did you know it was good for your brain?

Walking naturally allows your body to release endorphins and it reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.

Neuroscientists out of Princeton University have led studies that demonstrate that walking helps with improving our quality of life.

Some of the researchers led an experience on pigs to see if walking could affect positively the nervous system. One group of pigs was active and the other was passive. The study demonstrated that the pigs that were allowed to walk showed activation of neurons responsible for calming down the nervous system. This can, in turn, have an impact on the levels of stress and anxiety.

This being said, what about those that claim that walking increases their symptoms of physical pain or discomfort? Could it be that it would be interesting to look into if they possess the prerequisites for gait, such as crawling and creeping?

That is where posturologists and functional neurologists are coming from. We figure we walk the way we have learned to crawl and creep. This is why we re-educate these motor patterns.



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