The benefits of crawling

My clients tend to assume that they have earned the right to stand upright and to go about their daily activities, as if nothing! It is true that they are able to stand upright… but most of them do not have the prerequisites to do so in a balanced state. The result: adaptations that can lead to, in the worst of cases, pain. 

This is also what chiropractor Justin Klein believes. He goes to say that crawling is the new plank! For many, the plank is the ultimate exercise for lower back stability.

The co-founder of Original Strength, Tim Anderson, inspired Dr. Klein. He stipulated that there is a reason why kids crawl before they walk.

This way of looking at things is getting more and more popular. Anderson has worked with the Cleveland professional basketball team, most recently.

Anderson believes that the fact that we have crawled improves our ability to know where we are in space.

In the context where we want to improve performance maximally, I prefer to calibrate posture before beginning a neurological rehabilitation exercise program. This allows the client to execute the movements optimally, which can yield the fastest results!

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