Pain and posture

If you sit back and read most of what is coming out of the literature, it seems that there is no link between posture and pain. Then again, some (1) have demonstrated that there is at least a correlation between pain and posture. These same authors were also able to show a correlation between a postural asymmetry and medication consumption as well as the necessity to stop daily activities.

In the context of the study reviewed here (, a total of 17 participants with a history of chronic low back pain and 17 healthy participants in the same age, sex, and weight range were enrolled in this case-control study.

Clinical evaluation of scapular position in the frontal plane using a measuring tape measure was performed.

What was found was that there were significant differences between patients with nonspecific low back pain and healthy individuals in both left and right sides in two positions:

  • Shoulder in neutral position;
  • Shoulder at 40-45 degrees of abduction.

In essence, this study indicated that upward rotation of the scapula could be seen in patients with nonspecific low back pain.

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