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The brain and cellphones

We’ve been hearing about this for years… are cell phones risky for our brains? A study published in 2013 gives us a bit more perspective on the ordeal. The right ear of 18 participants was tested for radiation from a phone for a total of 30 minutes. The source of radiation was 1cm away from […]

Back pain… and the multifidus

Lower back pain and the multifidus Lower back pain is a hot topic. It’s been a hot topic for too long. It is probably because it is so widespread. A number of techniques have been developed to manage the condition over the years. We stretch, we activate, and we strengthen… Overall, the vast majority of […]

Stress and chronic pain

Are some individuals more prone to feeling the secondary effects of stress than others? This is the question that Dr. Pierre Rainville, P.h.D. in neuropsychology, asked himself. His research points to the fact that a small hippocampus is linked to a higher level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Dr. Rainville suggests that consulting with a […]

Language and the brain

Recently, researchers from California University have studied the brain of many individuals in order to map out the way our brain responds to language. It was a sort of semantic atlas that the researchers were able to define. The purpose of this atlas is to define the areas of the brain that respond to words […]

Of impulsions and emotions

If it’s not always easy to control or more so to manage our emotions, it’s because it is a recent function of the human brain, so to speak. It is only fairly recently that we, humans, have been able to somewhat manage our emotions. An interesting experience was conducted at the Institute of Sciences and […]

Posturology and systemic health

The nervous system is a rather complex entity governing all of our functions. It has been divided into two parts, I believe, for pedagogical reasons. The somatic nervous system manages how we move. The autonomic nervous system manages how we live. It’s responsible for our vital functions. Classically, we are taught these systems operate rather […]

Good eye… good feet?

A small percentage of my clientele is older adults. Not so much because they can’t be helped, but most likely because, in some cases, they figure they cannot be helped! Too often, they have been told that if they are dealing with pain or balance issues, it’s because they are old… While it’s true that […]

Nature versus nurture

It’s not rare that patients walk into my office thinking that genetics play an important role in their existing condition. If anything, sometimes, they consider the role of genetics to be absolute rather than relative. A recent study sheds some light on this nature versus nurture issue. November 16th, 2015, researchers published Relaxed genetic control […]

Is the brain a muscle?

What about if we compared the brain to a muscle? It is at Concordia University in Montreal that researchers found that the brain could actually be compared to a muscle! What this study demonstrated was that the more someone climbed stairs and the more they studied, the younger their brain was. 331 individuals aged 19 […]

Posture and your heart

Heart disease is so common nowadays that the USA has dedicated an entire month to it, the month of February. Heart disease is so common nowadays that the USA has dedicated an entire month to it, the month of February. The aim of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is to prevent a million […]