Stress and chronic pain

Are some individuals more prone to feeling the secondary effects of stress than others? This is the question that Dr. Pierre Rainville, P.h.D. in neuropsychology, asked himself. His research points to the fact that a small hippocampus is linked to a higher level of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Dr. Rainville suggests that consulting with a psychologist, relaxation or meditation can help.

Joseph Ledoux, in his book, The Emotional Brain, also speaks of the hippocampus as being at the heart of the reaction to stress. For him, it is clear that stress actually leads to a decrease in the size of the organ. It’s a bit of the chicken or the egg!

That being said, it is the frontal lobes that are responsible for making us move forward in life, literally! The frontal lobes are both responsible for movement and cognitive strategies to resolve situations.

Posturology activates the frontal lobes permanently since they are very sensitive to the quality of the sensory information being sent from the parietal lobes. The parietal lobes vehicles input from both the feet and the eyes. It is the feet and the eyes that are stimulated in Posturology to create balance on both a motor and psychological level.

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