Is the brain a muscle?

What about if we compared the brain to a muscle? It is at Concordia University in Montreal that researchers found that the brain could actually be compared to a muscle!

What this study demonstrated was that the more someone climbed stairs and the more they studied, the younger their brain was.

331 individuals aged 19 to 79 years old were studied.

To actually measure the age of the brain, researchers analyzed the volume of grey matter and the total volume of the brains. Grey matter is where we store information. The volume of this area of the brain is a great index to measure the age of the brain. Typically, with age, we tend to lose grey matter.

To study and to go up the stairs, a good connection between the brain and muscles is necessary. The very first task our bodies must manage before any other is to resist gravity. Once that’s done, we can study… or climb stairs!

If you suffer from concentration difficulties or if you have a hard time going upstairs, these issues are not so isolated. In both cases, the frontal lobe of your brain needs to be turned on. It is Posturology’s specialty to do just that!

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