Mathematics wizard?

Many people are wondering what are the substrates of academic success. One often comes to think that one must simply repeat and repeat a particular activity constantly to improve.

A UK study reports that children with good hand-eye coordination had a 9-month advance in school compared to less skilful children. What is the purpose of hand eye coordination? It can be useful in handling objects, catching a ball or, for example, hitting one such as in baseball.

Is it possible that kinesthetic intelligence (physical) could be at the service of intellectual development. This is obviously what Piaget has said throughout his career!

Abstract thinking would be based on the same neural connections that are developed when a child indulges in understanding his or her external environment in order to orient himself in space.

In the end, the more the child is able to predict the movement of objects in space and time, the more he develops his mathematical skills.

300 children aged 4 to 11 years were studied in the context of this publication.

For many years I have been proposing a model of intervention for cognitive difficulties based on the analysis of motor skills! The authors of the study are wondering whether it would be good to offer support to children who have deficits in their motor development.

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