Starting school at age 7?

We may not think about it too much because here in Quebec, school starts at age 5. It’s like this … it’s like that. Only, is it logical? Is it optimal?

It happens that in Finland you do not go to school until you are seven years old. Yet Finland can pride itself on having one of the best education systems in the world.

Finns and other northern European countries believe that the first years of life must be game-centric. Play is considered to be the most effective teaching method for this group.

Is it a coincidence that the Nordic countries of Europe hold the record for the quality of school education and the level of happiness of the population?

What we can say is that, among other things, laterality, which gives access to a dominant hemisphere, is defined around the age of 7, according to some authors. Starting school early may be too early to fully exploit the potential of the brain. Among others, the activation of a dominant hemisphere, gives access to language, located largely in the left hemisphere.

Also, wait until the age of 7 allows a development of ocular maturity that will decode small symbols at a distance of about 40 cm. We call it reading! Before the age of 7, the mechanisms of refraction can be fragile, which can lead to visual disorders, including myopia.

Finally, waiting until the age of 7 before starting school helps to develop the basic tone optimally to be able to do in movement and non-movement, in a state of inner calm that promotes learning.


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