Right brain – Left brain

Since 1865 we have know that the right brain and the left brain are responsible for specific tasks.

It was Broca, at the time, that realized that subjects with a brain injury in the left frontal lobe had difficulty speaking.

More recently, it is Michel Thiebaut de Schotten (Sorbonne) who demonstrated, for the first time, for example, that decision-making, perception and emotions are more so a right hemisphere matter.

For more than 15 years, researchers have been trying to categorize brain functions in the right-hand mode. It must be said that some functions are extremely lateralized like:

– Symbolic communication on the left;

– The group “perception / action” is lateralized on the right;

– The emotions are lateralized on the right;

– Decision-making is a right brain affair.

The researchers also established that the more the functions are lateralized, the less they establish connections with the other hemisphere. It can therefore be said that, for reasons of efficiency, certain functions benefit from a dominant hemisphere that knows fewer connections with the other hemisphere.

Namely, that a postural imbalance implies an imbalance of activation of the cerebral hemispheres, it may be interesting to make links between these variables, especially as we benefit from interesting data on the distribution of brain functions, to the light of recent studies.




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