Motor competencies for life?

Some consider that motor control leads to the development of intelligence, in a broad way. Piaget was one of these individuals.

Could it be that crawling and walking on all 4 as well as being able to hold a pen optimally can truly lead to better movement and cognitive competencies later on in life?

A 2008 study studied this phenomenon (

It is 33 children between the ages of 6 to 11 years old that were studied. They had been tested when they were between 4 months to 4 years old.

We took their socio-economical status into consideration as this variable has been recognized as a factor influencing fine motor skills later on in life.

Once this variable managed, we recognized that fine motor competencies acquired at a young age were not so much of an indicator of future fine motor skills of cognitive competencies.

That being said, when it came to the ages and stages questionnaires, we saw a link between acquisitions at a young age and cognitive performance later on.

The authors of the study do stipulate that more research is needed in this area. While we wait, why don’t we improve our motor control to potentially facilitate how we function, as a whole?


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