Motor competencies for life?

Some consider that motor control leads to the development of intelligence, in a broad way. Piaget was one of these individuals. Read more

Crawling… for performance?

If we consider that the development of motricity gives access to mobility, this takes place on 3 levels successively:

  • Stability;
  • Locomotion;
  • Manipulation.

The first mechanism for locomotion is crawling. While it may not be absolutely necessary for standing upright and walking, there is some research that stipulates that is relevant if one wants optimal performance. This study ( highlights the importance of crawling for motor, cognitive and emotional mastery.

Kids that have crawled and kids that did not were assessed using the Miller Assessment for Preschoolers. This specific assessment actually focuses on motor and cognitive performance as well as emotional management (

Crawling seems to be beneficial for you as a whole. If you somehow did not crawl and you are walking, isn’t time to hit the floor?



Creeping… for walking?

There persists a debate as to if walking on all 4 (creeping) has any impact on how we walk and how we run. Some state that since walking on all 4 is a part of our phylogenetic heritage, it is necessarily an important component of how we learn to do anything that comes thereafter. Read more

Crawling and memory?

If it’s true that we can associate crawling with different types of benefits, a 2007 study ( made the association between crawling and better memory! Read more


When one thinks of the implications of being a righty or a lefty, writing comes to mind pretty quick.

Did you ever consider eye dominance? When you take a picture, you bring the camera towards one eye so you can truly see what you want to photograph.  Read more

The running coach

I am not too sure how we got to this point but it is definitely a thing now! I am told we can learn how to run… I have to admit that I don’t get it!

We can teach someone how to play hockey, play golf… but run?

What is the difference, you will ask me?  Read more

The importance of posture

In physical therapy, there seems to be two camps. There are those that consider that a structural anomaly is, in and of itself, strongly linked to potential issues. For others, the link is not so obvious.

Koes, a general practice professor, stipulates that in 90% of the cases, the lower back pain that individuals complain about is non-specific. Said otherwise, we don’t know why it’s there in the first place.

Read more

Sex and the brain

If it is well known that sex is beneficial for the body as a whole… what about the brain?

In rats, it was clearly shown that there is a link between sexual activity and the growth of neurons. Furthermore, we have noticed that rats could show better cognitive functions because of sex. Read more

Of feet and eyes

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll quickly pick up on the fact that this is not the first time I bring up the link between the feet and the eyes. That being said, a recent study (this week’s study of the week) reconfirms the link between these two sensory organs that are largely responsible of the position of the body in space. Read more

The benefits of crawling

My clients tend to assume that they have earned the right to stand upright and to go about their daily activities, as if nothing! It is true that they are able to stand upright… but most of them do not have the prerequisites to do so in a balanced state. The result: adaptations that can lead to, in the worst of cases, pain.  Read more