Le cortex préfrontal, la posturologie et la douleur – Partie 1

Il va sans dire que, même si ce n’est pas la visée directe de la posturologie, nombre de clients peuvent consulter un posturologue dans le but de connaître une diminution, voire une élimination de leur douleur. Read more

Vibration and the gut

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is nothing new. It’s been around since the 1990’s. I’ll admit it: I was not impressed! I am skeptical of passive forms of “exercise”, to say the least. Read more

The good, the bad and the not good at all – a review of Greg Lehman’s presentation

It truly is a love/hate relationship for me when it comes to Greg Lehman. On one hand, I have the utmost respect for the man. He is extremely well educated. Greg happens to be a chiropractor, a physiotherapist and a researcher. He also happens to be funny as shit, charismatic and you can tell quite quickly that he is coming from a good place. Read more

Can “propricoceptive” training improve stability?

In the literature, the term “proprioception” is actually used quite largely. If it’s true that proprioception refers to one’s ability to recognize itself, it therefore has nothing to do with balance training. In the context of this study as in just about all of the other ones read, here, when we speak of proprioceptive training, we speak of training balance. Read more

Sleep, the evidence-based crowd and the vestibular system

Evidence-based folks love sleep. I get it. Sleep is important. Sleep, if anything, might just be the most under appreciated aspect of health and performance. With that in mind, I find sleep needs to be discussed but, recently, if you listen to some, it seems like sleep can cure all. Read more

Le sommeil, les données probantes et le système vestibulaire

Les praticiens qui basent leur travail sur les données probantes aiment le sommeil. J’ai compris. Le sommeil est important. Le sommeil pourrait bel et bien être l’aspect le plus sous-estimé de la santé et de la performance. Dans cet esprit, je trouve qu’il faut discuter du sommeil, mais récemment, si vous en écoutez certains, il semble que le sommeil puisse tout guérir. Read more

Fascia, the super organ?

Fascia has been discussed at length in recent years! What is it really about this tissue that fascinates us? Read more

Mind… full?

Mindfulness is trendy… there is no doubt about that; but is it worth your time? To “let go” and to “feel your breath”… sounds like a great idea, right? Read more

Balance for Basketball?

What makes a good basketball player? Is it how much they bench press, overhead press? Is it how high they jump?

Maybe it’s the numbers they put up on the hang clean? Read more

Pot, performance and coordination

Justin Trudeau might not be crazy about the sound of it but recent research indicates that high-potency cannabis may not be the best thing for your coordination. Read more