Vibration and the gut

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is nothing new. It’s been around since the 1990’s. I’ll admit it: I was not impressed! I am skeptical of passive forms of “exercise”, to say the least.

WHB works at different frequencies and amplitudes.

Now, we do now that the somatic system, namely proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors do respond to vibration. That being said was it possible to predict that it could help your gut health?

Some studies actually were able to show that WBV improves muscle performance, bone density, strength, and balance. It was also shown to reduce body fat in the long run.

Research also shows that it improves blood sugar control and insulin resistance as well as it reduces inflammation, in mice.

While it is unclear how these results came about, one cannot underestimate a connection of some kind between the somatic sensory system and metabolism.

Could it be that inputs to the cerebellum and the parietal lobe, from the WBV, projecting the frontal lobes, be relevant enough to modify what is happening on the inside?

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