The neck and its curves

There exists a controversy as to whether or not the health of an individual is affected by their mechanics. Some say that, based on many studies, there are no links between postural imbalances and physical pain.

That being said, a recent study (2016) tends to show just the opposite. We state in that study that a loss of curvature of the neck is indeed associated with negative consequences.

We tested if the strength of the muscles was reduced when there was a reduction in te curvature.

Out of the 63 subjects that were studied, 32 of them had a loss of cervical lordosis. We then tested maximal isometric force in flexion and in extension. To add to it, the ratio of strength between the flexors and the extensors was studied.

What was found is that individuals that had loss some cervical lordosis were weaker at the level of the extensors and flexors.

The extensors were even more affected than the flexors. When one considers that the extensors are used to resist the pull of gravity, it might be time to consider that posturology is essential for optimal mechanics, at the very least.

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