The brain and the heart

Instinctively, we can figure that the brain and the heart are linked for many reasons.

We recently found out that subjects suffering from atrial fibrillation would potentially have a smaller brain, more specifically at the level of the frontal lobe.

Atrial fibrillation is a cardiac pathology that belongs to the family of arrhythmias. An arrhythmia is an abnormal cardiac frequency. We consider that 60-80 beats per minute is normal.

When the heart does not beat, as it should, it cannot pump blood throughout the body efficiently. All of the organs then can suffer.
We know that the frontal lobe is the one that differentiates the most human beings from other species. We also know that the frontal lobe is the one that initiates the postural response and that it commands movement. We know that the development of the frontal cortex, in terms of volume and connections between nerve cells, is the resultant of movement experiences between 0-6 years old.

In Posturology, we optimize the response of the frontal lobe by improving sensory information (by aligning the body and by offering it a balanced stance).

Furthermore, we make the individual move as to build these neurological networks, which are at the foundation of the frontal lobe.

So the question is: if Posturology is good for your joints and muscles, is it possible that it could be good for your heart?

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