The brain and cellphones

We’ve been hearing about this for years… are cell phones risky for our brains?

A study published in 2013 gives us a bit more perspective on the ordeal. The right ear of 18 participants was tested for radiation from a phone for a total of 30 minutes. The source of radiation was 1cm away from the ear.

Results showed that exposition to an LTE phone had an impact on the neuronal activity of the brain. Both brain hemispheres were affected!

That being said, if it’s true that cerebral activity was modified, LTE technology is too recent for us to know if this type of activity can lead to health concerns over the long haul.

Clinically, I can say that it is not rare that I have seen patients perform poorly on balance tests and structural tests when carrying their cells phones. As we know, since it is the central nervous system that manages posture and balance, one can question the effects of the cell phone in the light of these findings.

If this is a concern for you, as it can be with my patients, a frequency resonator can be used. It is positioned on the cell phone and converts the electromagnetic waves into frequencies that the body seems to manage in a way where balance and postural tests are normalized.

Another solution consists of leaving your phone on Airplane mode when it is on you and that you are not actively using it. Another way of diminishing the effects of the electromagnetic waves is to wear headphones as to keep the phone away from you as much as possible.

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