Strabismus and posture

Strabismus is a default of eye alignment. We diagnose strabismus mainly in children that are 6 years old and less and it is about 5% of the children that are affected by strabismus. It is not rare that parents are the first ones to recognize the eye deviation.

It is recommended to have a full eye exam as of the age of 3. The thing is, by the age of 3, the visual system has already developed quite a bit.

It is true that if the strabismus is of congenital nature, the environment of the child will not be a considerable factor in resolving the issue. That being said, if the strabismus appeared during the first years of life, non-invasive solutions do exist.

Certain optometrists will recommend visual exercises. And that’s good. Yet, it’s incomplete. We develop our vision as we develop our entire body. We do so by navigating our environment. In my opinion, we have to address the body as a whole to get optimal results.

Take the Doman brothers, for example. They recognized early on (in the 1960s) that ocular pursuit was developed in the context of crawling, belly on floor.

It is with this in mind that, at Clinique VI, we offer a service entitled Motor Development for 0-6 years old.

As Dr. Ezane, MD and associates say: we associate equilibrium difficulties with strabismus. More so, we know that these children must spend more energy to stand upright that children that do not have strabismus.

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