Sex and the brain

If it is well known that sex is beneficial for the body as a whole… what about the brain?

In rats, it was clearly shown that there is a link between sexual activity and the growth of neurons. Furthermore, we have noticed that rats could show better cognitive functions because of sex.

So what’s in it for humans?

78 women aged 18 to 29 were studied. We tested their memory for recall of abstract words and their memory for faces. Women that had sexual relations (intercourse) more often were better at remembering abstract words. What was interesting is that this association was not seen in regards to the memory of faces.

It has to be stipulated that the memory of names belongs to the hippocampus, which is the region that knows the most growth in rats. The memory of faces does not belong to the hippocampus. We believe it could be for this reason that we don’t see any changes on that level.

If it’s true that Posturology stimulates the brain, one has to concede that there are other ways of doing it that might just be more enjoyable!

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