Read… to live!

A fascinating study from Yale University could motivate you to read more!

3635 subjects of 50 years or older were studied over a period of 12 years.

We classified these subjects in 3 categories:

  • Those that do not read at all
  • Those that read 3.5 hours and less per week
  • Those who read 3.5 hours and more per week.

The results are mind blowing!

Individuals that read live 2 years more than individuals that do not read.

Individuals that read more than 3.5 hours per week see the likelihood of actually dying reduced by 23% versus the ones that do not read.

The individuals that read up to 3.5 hours per week have 17% less chances of dying as compared to the ones that do not read.

How so, do you ask?

We know that reading increases connectivity between different areas of the brain and we also know that reading increases empathy.

What the study does not stipulate is whether or not the subjects that were studied possessed good eye movement.

It would be interesting to calibrate posture of the individuals studied, which is known to improve eye eye coordination, amongst other factors.

We know that, to coordinate eyes, whether it is for pursuits or saccades (both are needed for reading), optimal connectivity between the brain hemispheres is great.

That is one of the objectives with posturology!

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