BB is a young at heart retired man that enjoys gardening and talking long walks with his wife on sunny afternoons. Our #1 challenge is BB is balance. You must know that, as we age, we simply become unstable. We must fight this process as best as we can in order to prevent falls. Here are his results in the last 6 weeks:

BALANCE SCORE: 85 to 64 in 6 weeks.


AB is a phenomenal tennis player. He actually started Posturology because he had abandoned playing tennis. The cause was chronic pain. In our meeting last week, he tells me it’s been many weeks now where he has no pain whatsoever, not only at rest, but also while playing tennis! Here are his most recent numbers!

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: in 6 weeks, he went from 75% of bodyweight on his forefeet to 53%.

BALANCE SCORE: 14 to 12 in 6 weeks.