SC began her Posturology process September 26th. It had been many years that she was suffering from left shoulder and hip pain. In 6 weeks, her hip pain was already much better. 6 weeks later, she had no more pain at rest in her shoulder. She was also able to perform shoulder abduction, which was impossible beforehand. To add to it, the quality of her sleep has improved. What is most impressive is that her internal age, as measured by the iheart monitor, has decreased from 67 to 54 years of age. SC is 62 years old. For more information about this measure, visit: www.goiheart.com.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: from 47% (R) 53% (L) to 49% (R) 51% (L).

BALANCE: from 20 to 18 in 6 weeks.

INTERNAL AGE: from 67 to 54 years old. SC is 62 years old.