CL came to see me in July of 2017. She would complain of hip and shoulder pain. The hip pain was worse when she would carry heavy bags as she was shopping. Recently, we have seen progress in how long she can shop for and the reduction of pain in her hips. Here are her most recent numbers:

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: 45% (R) and 55% (L) to 49% (R) and 51% (L) in the last 6 weeks.


 JL came to see me in February of 2017. He came in with a history of repetitive lumbar sprains. He would have to miss work and avoid certain physical activities that pain would get so bad. Just about a year later, he reports that he can perform more physical tasks and that he does not even feel the precursor signs of lumbar sprain. As well, his right arm does not bug him anymore as he is sitting at a desk to work on the computer the whole day.

BALANCE SCORE: 22 to 20 in the last 6 weeks.