MF got started with Posturology in February of 2017. She had been suffering from back pain for the last twenty years, since having her child. When the pain was at its worse, she would have to lei down. Already, by April, her back was improving, as she did not have to take frequent breaks from her daily activities. By July, she felt more solid on her feet. More recently, we can see that her balance keeps improving!

BALANCE SCORE: 27 to 24 in 6 weeks.


DT came to the office for the first time May 25th, 2017. He was managing chronic low back and shoulder issues. He could not lift weights for strength gains and his long-term objective was to participate in MMA training. To make matters worse, he had pain in his knees with running. In July, his muscular stiffness improved. As of November 15th, his shoulder was a lot less sensitive to training and his back is doing much better. Here are his recent numbers:

BALANCE SCORE: 17 to 12 in 6 weeks.