AC just finished his 1-year Posturology program. She was diagnosed with scoliosis that year and came in with back pain. Some researchers actually see that the vestibular system could be involved in the development of scoliosis (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25430569).

It happened to be that she had a very difficult time with the Romberg test in her initial evaluation session. 12 months have passed and while we were not able to avoid a surgical procedure, her back pain had diminished progressively as the year unfolded. He hip mobility in her squat was also better as time went on.

She was recently told that her recuperation from the surgery was twice as fast as it is usually. All in all, we keep making gains!

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: in 6 weeks, we went from 67% of her weight on her forefeet to 59%.


CF came to the office just about a year ago with neck pains that could get so bad that she had a difficult time sleeping. It took about 8-9 months to stabilize her case where, at this point, she really only feels discomfort when she rotates her neck maximally.

BALANCE SCORE: 22 to 16 in 6 weeks.