VM is a young full-time student. This Sumer, she came in for back and knee pain. These were worse with running. As of October 30th, his back pain was no more, even if she spends many hours studying per week.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: in 6 weeks, we went from 70% of her bodyweight on her forefeet to 52%.


FD works hard physically. He is 27 years old and an electrician. He starts his Posturology process at the end of April. He complains at the time of pain while he works but also in his sporting activities. 6 weeks later, he reports not having any symptoms, independently of activity. More recently, his values are only improving!

BALANCE SCORE: 27 to 2 in 6 weeks.


We had told my client EL to run on his mid foot and that it would reduce the pain in his heel when he played ball hockey. I advised him to wear a minimalist shoe and to simply not think about how he runs. The result: 0 pain! More so, he is more balanced and stable as time passes on.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: in 6 weeks, we went from 61% of his bodyweight on his forefeet to 55%.

BALANCE SCORE: 14 to 10 in 6 weeks.