Is your posture making you sick?

Patients of mine rarely walk into the office with their main reason for consultation being high blood pressure, for example. But low and behold, could it be that their posture is partially at fault?

Do you know how much it costs to stand upright all day? I am not too sure anyone knows. What we do know is that a cost, there is. Researchers, in 1978, addressed this very question.

What they found was that standing upright was linked to increased heart rate and blood pressure. It makes sense, considering that it’s an effort to resist the pull of gravity.

In a state where imbalances are easy to identify, the body has to work harder than it should to do just about anything since all activities on Earth are performed under gravity (minus swimming).

Moral of the story: if you present with postural imbalances, your heart and circulation system may be working too hard to keep you going!

Solution: it’s called posturology!

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