Your eyes, Ritalin and ADD… What’s the link?

It’s that time of the year again. School just started for many and it’s a shame to see that so many of them will have a difficulty with reading, focus, attention and that, if an eye check is even suggested, it will be very incomplete, as usual.


 Actually that statement is true only if you live in Canada. That’s right… the land of the wealthy considers that eyes only serve 1 purpose: to see! Sounds reasonable, yet it is brutally shortsighted, literally!

Orthoptics is a paramedical discipline represented in most countries in the world where a trained practitioner assesses how eyes move. For more information, check out:


 It is of interest to study eye movement since it is, based on what I have witnessed clinically, 80% of young individuals that do not converge properly. This being said, when they bring their eyes on a target, they fatigue and cannot read at a pace that allows them to understand what they are seeing.

So what’s done in Canada? Student is diagnosed with ADD and NO ONE is assessing his eye tracking! It is criminal, point blank. In the worst of cases, the student is medicated.

 Ritalin is no magic pill. Adverse reactions include:


–       Nervousness;

–       Drowsiness;

–       Insomnia.

How about this for a scenario! The student cannot perform in school so we will medicate him knowing that these side effects are possible. BRILLIANT! Modern medicine really impresses me!

Actually, I am not surprised. Medicating students with Ritalin that show a learning disability is very much like medicating patients suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes without addressing their food intake. And sadly, this is too common as well.

It is time to assess students logically. It’s time for a roots cause approach to learning disabilities. It is the reason I created the LPP – Learning Potential Program. As a component, eye tracking IS assessed and all factors contributing to it are assessed and a proper intervention is performed to actually fix the problem! I figured that this was what parents, teachers and students were looking for…

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