You are a muscle spindle

Something tells me you already knew. Maybe you could not put it in these exact words… but you had a feeling. Somehow, you knew you were a muscle spindle.



Of course, you quickly think to yourself that you are skin and bones. You’ve burnt yourself once or twice and your bones have ached before.


You can focus on what you can see yet, fundamentally, you are a muscle spindle. To be all you can be, these specialized muscle organs have to function just right. Here is why!


Proprioception (the sense of self) is often spoken of as the sixth sense. I will argue that it is more important than the other 5 (vision, touch, smell, taste, hearing).



If you can feel your arm although you are not looking at it, you are experiencing the very existence of that arm via the muscle spindles located deep in the muscle.


These tiny sensory (mostly) organs are responsible for informing your spinal cord and brain about the fact that you possess an arm and that this arm can be utilized to accomplish great things!


Life is movement. To even put a thought into action, you move. Nothing is still. Everything is constantly changing. You are moving. You cannot move what you don’t feel. Proprioception is the sense for living. The muscle spindle is its facilitator.



Muscle spindles will inform you on where you are, even if you can’t see yourself. Who else will do that for you, really?


You can touch, see, hear and taste and smell all you want… if you don’t intrinsically know where you are… can you know who you are?


Can you even trust yourself if you don’t feel certain parts of your body as you were designed to?


Can you be trusted? Can you put your trust in others?


Can you be of good to others if you are not able to connect with yourself?


Can you find what you are looking for if you are, at the core, lost in space?


You are a muscle spindle. How is that going for you?


If your strategy to resist gravity looks anything like this…




Your muscle spindles are on vacation and you weren’t invited!


Muscle spindles do a lot for you… they are you, yet they are capricious.


In order for you to feel yourself… to be, muscle spindles need to be at an optimal length.




When a muscle is stretched or contracted, the muscle spindle reduces its input to the central nervous system. In a nutshell, you feel less. You literally are less.


A poor strategy to stand upright is responsible for a mix of stretched and contracted muscles.


Simply put, poor posture disconnects you from… yourself.


Potential bites the nails of capacity and it goes hungry in the context where you cannot use all that you have been given.



How can you stand upright efficiently when your feet don’t contact the ground evenly and your eyes do not track together?





Your feet are your stability and your eyes allow you to foresee where it is you are going. You need to know where you are before you go places. The feet ground you so the eyes can take you there!


Your posture is the reflection of your stance and your gaze.


If your posture is misaligned, it is because your feet and eyes in how they position you in your world, are working subpar.


A misalignment in your posture is synonymous with a lack of balance. How can you seek balance and achieve it if you actually are imbalanced?



A misalignment in your posture is simply the visual representation that potential begs for capacity and you are stuck in the middle.


If in these last few lines, the problem has been laid out, Posturology and Brain Exercises is the solution.



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