Why Orthotics are the Devil’s Contribution to Humanity

I can be polite and diplomatic. And I will remain polite and diplomatic in this instance. I will stick to facts and logic as I discuss the horrific contribution to the world that is the foot orthotic.

Feet are very interesting organs. They represent our base of support. Compare the feet to the foundation of your house. You want your feet to stand symmetrically on the ground. You want your feet to be strong and stable. You want your feet to react quickly in case of increased need for balance.

Standard orthopedic insoles were developed over 100 years ago. 100 years ago, scientists could not explore the realities of the foot the way they have been doing recently.

In 1980, a neuroscientist by the name of Bourdiol demonstrated that any insert in excess of 3mm would be felt as an aggression by the muscle and skin receptors of the foot.

These receptors are extremely sensitive. Namely, the muscle receptors are sensitive to tension modifications of 3-24 grams and the skin receptors are sensitive to deformations of 0.1mm.

This means that even a conventional arch support in a shoe is an aggression and it modifies the way the foot functions. It forces compensations from the foot to the knee, from the knee to the hip… These compensations eventually lead to neck issues.

Think of a cast. In the case of an elbow fracture, we apply a cast for consolidation. We remove the cast a few weeks later and the joint is stiff and weak. If we forget the cast and leave it on for 1 year or 2 or 3 years, what happens? The joint is extremely stiff, the muscles have atrophied immensely and the loss of function in the elbow is not 100% recoverable.


Foot blindness is the resultant of orthotics worn for long periods of time. The body actually feels it is walking on a sheet of ice permanently!

In Europe, for the last 30 years, insoles that actually stimulate the skin and muscles of the feet have been developed and they successfully recalibrate the posture of the entire body! This is a significant component of Posturology. For more information on this topic, feel free to contact me at info@matboule.com.


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