When Posturology does not work


Posturology does what it does, no more and no less. It is a physical therapy system aimed at calibrating the body physically and rewiring the brain towards optimal motor patterns.



The main component of the human organism that Posturology leverages on to create those changes is the central nervous system. In fact, results in Posturology depend on the health of the central nervous system. This blog will then discuss one form of interference that can limit gains with Posturology because the health of the central nervous system is compromised.




Amalgam fillings have been a hot topic in recent years. Amalgam dental fillings may be a health hazard to some people. Before we look at how amalgam fillings can affect you, let’s look into amalgam fillings.




The first crude amalgam fillings were developed in the early 1800’s. They appeared to be an inexpensive alternative to gold and other materials, but right from the beginning there was concern about the possibility of mercury poisoning.

The American Dental Society in the 1830’s felt strongly enough about this risk that its members were required to take an oath that they would never use it. However, as the years went by, amalgam became accepted again because of its cheapness and excellent mechanical properties. It has become the standard dental filling ever since.




Here is what we know of amalgam fillings:

– Amalgam fillings are typically 50% mercury, 35% silver, 9% tin, 6% copper, with a trace of zinc.

– Mercury vaporizes at room temperature and is constantly released into the mouth from amalgam fillings.

– Mercury is extremely poisonous and the symptoms of mercury poisoning have been known for almost 200 years.

So what’s the controversy all about then? There is no agreement that enough mercury vaporizes from fillings to cause problems. To make matters worse, there is no laboratory or other test to prove that there is a toxic level in the body.


This being said, here are symptoms and signs of mercury poisoning:

– Fatigue.
– Depression.
– Memory loss.
– Food sensitivities.
– Anxiety.
– Insomnia.
– Fibromyalgia.



So how can this affect the results of the Posturology process? Simply, mercury can affect the health of the central nervous system, making it harder for improved input and output in regards to the motor system.

By now, maybe you are asking yourself if you are intoxicated by mercury. There is a way to figure it out. Here, at Clinique Médicale de Santé Globale Brouillard, we use the Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test. It is the only test on the market that tests both the exposures and excretion abilities for each of the two forms of mercury we are exposed to. Our specialists in Functional Medicine can interpret the data and suggest the right remedial approach for you.




If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact us at (450) 661-4865.

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