What makes us human?


Simply answering this question gives us a lot of perspective on what to look for when evaluating the function of the human body!

3 motor functions are purely human:


Walking, running and jumping in an upright position and in a true cross-pattern with opposite limbs moving together



What is even more interesting is that it is the ability to perform activities of locomotion in a true cross-pattern that leads to the development of cognitive abilities such as talking and writing!

For example, the capacity of coordinating the movement of both your eyes to read these very words comes from the capacity of your left and right brain to connect.

There are a few organs responsible for this connection. The main one is called the corpus callosum. The connections provided by the corpus callosum can be trained by performing movements that mimic the crawling pattern.


  1. Sit in a comfortable position.
  2. Rest hands on knees.
  3. Reach for your ear and nose by crossing your hands in front of you.
  4. Repeat by reaching for the opposite ear.

Try this simple exercise anytime you want to perform in speaking or writing!


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