Surgical scars and muscle strength: can scars make you weak?

Question: Do you think skin and muscles are related?


Think of that one time when you did not listen to your folks and you did touch the hot stove with your finger. What happened? Before you knew it, your finger was NOT touching the stove anymore and very quickly thereafter, you felt the burn.



Hopefully, this touching example answers the aforementioned question. Skin and muscles are related and, as the example states, that connection is not one that we are in control of.


This being said, if a surgical scar is affecting your performance, you probably would not know it.


Let’s look at why, specifically, surgical scars can affect muscle strength.


The skin is a phenomenal organ. One of its key functions is to protect you from the outside world. Therefore, that tissue is supposed to be continuous.

Bodyworld skin


An interruption in the connection between cells of the skin is an abnormal situation for the body. And whoever says abnormal situation for the body says reaction from the body.


Simply put, the skin shows mainly two layers of cells: epidermis and dermis. A surgical scar will stretch the receptors of both of these layers. The nerve found in the dermis will tell the spinal cord what is happening. To adjust the situation, the spinal cord will send a signal to muscles of the same geographical area (dermatome) to adjust to the situation.


skin dermis


Above the diaphragm, muscles will loosen while they will tighten up below the diaphragm. Overall, muscles become dysfunctional in how they contract in both cases.


To make things worse, since the relay for input of this skin dysfunction is the spinal cord, via a component called the ganglion, this information can travel up or down to any segment of the spinal cord, affecting the body at distance. Concretely speaking, a surgical scar on your foot can inhibit your shoulder muscles. I have seen this more than a few times!

Sympathetic chain


So how to bring your muscles back to health if surgical scars create weaknesses? There are various forms of treatment available. They all stem for a branch of German medicine entitled Neural Therapy. In my practice, I use a blend of essential oils to treat the scars while I recalibrate the postural system as a whole.


Remember, skin dysfunction is only 1 of 4 reasons why you muscles do not perform as you please! The foot, the eye and the bite, in most patients, still has to be addressed.

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