Sex, Politics, Religion, Medicine and Posturology – Thanksgiving Edition

As we should give thanks for the wonderful gift that is life and all of its possibilities, I am giving thanks today specifically for the ability to question and reason.


I was classically told not to bring up a few topics when in the presence of others. They were sex, religion and politics. I figured I would add tow topics on the list to make this blog truly crunchy: Posturology and medicine… just to keep things fresh!


Let’s start with religion.

 Maybe it’s the fact that as North Americans, colonization and religion went hand in hand. Maybe it’s the fact that who we are is somehow influenced by our parents and their parents and so forth… Either way, I find it’s hard, as a society, to not get attached to a notion, to a concept as a dogma, especially if it is spoken of as the truth.

TRUTH: what a dangerous word. TRUTH and TRUST are two words that can, in certain instances, mean one thing: you are not questioning AND you are not trying to understand.

Intelligence has been defined in many different ways including, but not limited to, understanding, reasoning, learning, problem solving… Intelligence, in this sense, is a truly human characteristic. So maybe I am professing for a little more humanity! Maybe I wish to see individuals rise and bridge the gap between capacity and potential. Maybe I just want more and I want us all to want more…

Truth is, I don’t even trust my own work. Socrates would say: I only know that I know noting! One thing is certain: I question it, try to prove myself wrong, learn and move forward. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for a sharp mind and the right that we have, under our constitution, to speak our minds! What I wish for is more questioning, more understanding and somehow a little bit less trusting.


What about politics?

In the last few years, questioning and reasoning, I have to say where the trust has not gone is in the direction of politics. A brilliant philosopher by the name of Rousseau published, in 1762, Du Contrat Social. Rousseau describes his work as a philosophical treaty presenting man who used to live in nature and who now lives in a society. The question is: can there be a social order that has in mind the interest of all?

Quick story: I was trained as an educator. I witnessed first hand for 5 years how learning disabilities are managed in the schooling system and I can guarantee you, based on my understanding of neurosciences, sensory-motor development and cognition that we are no where near addressing the causes of learning disabilities. We are managing, at best. Not once are the student’s senses for learning tested properly here, in America, before a diagnostic and a prescription is handed over.

Since 1977, Dr. Da Silva, MD has successfully treated over 30 000 cases of dyslexia, vertigo and muscular pain. He has been doing so using similar techniques such as the ones I use clinically. The focus of the intervention is the analysis of the organs that allow you to process information at the cerebral level. What a thought! Obviously, Dr. Da Silva is not from Canada or the USA. He is located in Portugal. Did I mention his approach was drug free?

Why don’t I trust politics? Here is another example: how come is it that, depending on where you live, amalgam fillings are deemed safe or unsafe? How interesting, if I am a resident of Sweden or Denmark, I, as a patient, do not have access to an amalgam filling containing mercury. If I live in Germany, I will be prescribed one but my pregnant wife and child won’t. And if I live in the USA, since 1859 I have been told that amalgam fillings containing mercury are safe. To add to it, it is deemed improper and unethical for an American dentist to even suggest the removal of such amalgam filling.  So I ask you: how can I trust and whom do I trust?

Politics and Medicine…

The World Health Organization (WHO), in 2000, ranked the U.S. health care system as the highest in cost, first in responsiveness, 37th overall in performance, and 72nd by overall level of health (among 191 member nations included in the study).

The Commonwealth Fund ranked the US last in the quality of health care among similar countries and notes U.S. care costs the most.


Could it be that Western medicine focuses on symptoms and spends too much money doing so? Could it be that we are not addressing the root cause of these many chronic health disorders that are costing the health care system so much? Could it be that, if medication is needed, it could sometimes be used as a secondary line of defense?

Not convinced? Have you seen the excellent documentary Forks over Knives? It is a 2011 American documentary film. It examines the careers of American physician Caldwell Esselstyn and professor of nutritional biochemistry T. Colin Campbell. The film advocates a whole foods, plant-based diet as a means of combating a number of diseases. Let food be thy medicine. Wasn’t that Hippocrates? Then again, what does he know?

In this one of a kind film, physicians actually shop for groceries with their patients, cook food with them and EDUCATE them on a better way to live. Incidentally, their need for medication is often eliminated within weeks, if not months. If the thought of your physician doing groceries with you sounds crazy, we are in worse shape than I thought! If the thought of your physician being allotted 10 minutes to manage your chronic health problem sounds normal, then I am truly disappointed (read furious).

I just can’t resist… I have to bring up vaccination. I actually only have 1 question. I am in no position to pass judgment on this issue, as I am nowhere near trained to emit the slightest opinion on the matter. Yet, I will question. I wonder why, in 1983, the CDC mandatory vaccine schedule for children up to 6 years included 10 total injections. In 2010, the CDC recommends 36-38 injections. Is the Canary Party ( unfair in asking why?  Am I unfair in doing so myself? Could I be questioning and reasoning? Aren’t we allowed and should we not act like… humans?

Posturology and the big picture

One thing that is clear to me is that what we consider normal is just a variety of what’s available and possible. And besides, what we consider normal may not be optimal! What’s normal, for most, is that if you have knee, back and neck pain, and you have had it for years you will be in treatment for just about ever as you are told to reduce your activity level since THAT is the reason why you are suffering. On the same token, when diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you will be told that it is the reason why you are losing strength and are feeling unstable. Just the same, you will be told there is no known cause to scoliosis and that an operation where a metal rod is inserted in your spine is the only answer to avoid life-threatening side effects.


This is where I get upset. This is where I have had enough. And I will say this right off the bat: I DO NOT HAVE PUBLISHED STUDIES proving without the shadow of a doubt that Posturology can help for any of these health ailments. I simply don’t. I am a clinician. What I do have are stories, before and after pictures and video testimonials. What I do have is the distinct honor of being both trusted and questioned daily by a wide array of patients looking for more, looking to cross that ever so crucial bridge between capacity and potential! What I do have is the privilege of using and developing therapeutic techniques that are on the brink of evolution. I am also privileged in collaborating with a company such as Posturepro ( in being able to teach practitioners all over Canada and the USA that more is possible, that optimal is the new normal.



And so I invite you to question and reason on what was said here. I invite you to do your own research. I invite you to be thankful that you are human and I ask of you to honor your truly unique capacities: you are able to question and reason. Be thankful for that and do yourself a favor: DO IT!

I lied… I won’t bring up sex!

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