Orthopedic Health Program – OHP

The OHP – Orthopedic Health Program is the ultimate solution to chronic and acute aches and pains.

Any joint, any tissue (muscle, ligament, nerve, fascia) can present with issues that limit function when posture is out of balance.
Simply, abnormal forces create irritation of tissues.

Muscles tighten up around a nerve –> nerve compression such as sciatica.

A muscle is pulled on during a race –> muscle strain

A pelvis has been tilting for 30 years –> potential for osteo arthritis of the hip

Restrictions of movement are on one side of the body (right arm, right leg) –> fascia retractions

A ligament is sprained because there was a lack of balance –> possible ankle sprain

All these conditions have 1 thing in common: a posture that is misaligned.

The OHP uses the perfect blend of innovation and trusted methods to realign posture, correct muscle imbalances and
allow you to heal fast… real fast from chronic or acute injuries.

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