The Learning Potential Program

According to Statistics Canada, more children in this country have a learning disability (LD) than all other types of disabilities combined.

Learning disabilities increased considerably between 2001 and 2006 among Canadians aged 15 and over by almost 40%. It is one of the fastest growing types of disabilities that aren’t related to aging.

These statements are the reflection of strategies that have failed in improving the quality of life of children and adults, as their cognitive deficits have not been assessed and treated logically.

What is logical is to assess the primary forms of intelligence that develop and allow others to do so as well. Intelligence grows as a tree does. Its roots have to be strong and lengthy. The roots of intelligence are found at the bottom of the pyramid. They are the physical intelligences. They are rarely addressed in cases of LD’s.

They are the missing link.

The LPP focuses on the optima development of these competencies by initially optimizing the sensory-motor system of the individual, using a therapeutic technique entitled Posturology. In an hour, using non-invasive, simple technology, the body is fine-tuned and ready to evolve.  Secondly, brain exercises are administered in order to improve the connection between both cerebral hemispheres, an essential link for accomplishing complex cognitive tasks.

An added value of the LPP is its biochemical profile. A practitioner of Functional Medicine affiliated with the program can assess and treat, naturally, metabolic and hormonal imbalances that impact the capacity for the body to learn.