E-motion Exercises



It’s quite interesting to me that the word emotion contains the word motion.


Movement is life and emotions are no exceptions to this rule.

Think of love.


What is love if it cannot be expressed? How else can it be expressed if it is not via action? The sine qua non to action is movement. Therefore, love is movement.

Essentially, every emotion is motion. Maybe the letter E was added to the word to specify just what type of motion an emotion actually is?


I understand that we can manage emotions two ways. We can get in someone’s head so that they can utilize their body to live out their emotions or we can get them to use their body in such a way that the emotions flow from their heads to their bodies as they express them.

One can reasonably argue that it is the decision to stand upright that led to the development of areas of the brain, in humans, that manage emotions. In essence, the main difference between human beings and primates is our ability to stand upright and to be bipedal. Assuming these two functions means growth of brain tissue. In fact the cortex of primates contains 3 layers. Ours contains 6 layers!


On that note, is it possible to affect your state of mind by moving your body? Amy Cuddy has actually proven it. She is an American psychologist and she has shown that different postures affect hormonal levels. She describes high power poses such as raising your arms in the air as positions that increase testosterone and decrease cortisol (stress hormone). She was my main influence in designing the E-motion exercises.


E-motion exercises calm your nervous system down. For the geeks out there, it allows it to go from sympathetic to parasympathetic state in a matter of minutes! This is important if you want to perform movements efficiently and with precision. That’s what life is all about.

Here is an example of an E-Motion exercise:

World on Shoulders

Sit comfortably

As you breathe in, shrug shoulders towards ears and look down

Hold that position for a few seconds as you squeeze your shoulders towards your ears and look down while keeping your neck straight

As you breathe out, let shoulders drop and look up while, again, keeping your neck straight


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