Can good posture mean good spirits?

I have been practicing Posturology and various physical therapy techniques for a few years and I have to say that working on physical issues has been very interesting.

Weak knees, sciatica, degenerative joint disease… name it… I have seen it and often have had great results in resolving the issue.

Recently, I am noticing that, when individuals are aligned physically, a lot more than bones seem to line up!

In French, we say un esprit sain dans un corps sain which translates to a healthy mind in a healthy body. The topic of this article is then: can good posture mean good spirits.

Think about having to sit still, quietly. Let’s even go as far as to say you want to meditate so as to find yourself. If sitting quietly isn’t so quiet because your lower back tightens up and your neck locks up… how in tune with yourself can you really get?


Posture is our body’s best attempt at resisting the pull of gravity. Every day, we wake up and get out of bed. We make the conscious or unconscious decision to brave the world. To accomplish this, we need to resist, manage, and buffer a constant force that acts on us permanently.

It’s in the efficiency of HOW we do this that we are either a force or a victim. Life is an endurance event… it’s not a race.

I have found, in my practice, that individuals that are aligned seem to be more patient, more efficient physically and cognitively. Think off all the energy they save from not having to overwork at resisting… the pull of gravity.

Look around you at work. Around 10:30am, people are smiling, productive, and sharp. Look at the same folks at 3:30. They are different people. Is it really the fact that they have been active for 5 measly hours? I don’t buy it!

I know individuals that pull of 12-14 hour days… most everyday… and they are thriving. So what gives? Is motivation a component? Absolutely! But being physically able to do it is a part of the equation.

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